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Manage Duplicate Files to Recover Disk Space

Everybody likes having a fast, responsive, and well-organized computer. But after several months of use computers start slowing down and your hard drive becomes a lot less organized. Documents get saved to various folders and are later forgotten, unsorted photos are uploaded to multiple locations, songs are downloaded from the Internet and are left on the desktop. Eventually you lose track of it all and end up having hundreds of duplicate files.

Easy Duplicate Finder™

Duplicate files can be left by software applications and by copying and pasting files. They can be a huge waster of hard drive space. And some people actually make it worse by knowingly creating unnecessary copies to back up data. However, these backups are absolutely useless in case of a system failure. That’s why it’s a good idea to manage duplicate files and delete the ones you don’t need. Not only will deleting duplicate files help you to get your files and folders organized, but it will also speed up your computer. Disk indexing, file search, and defragmentation will become a lot faster and your antivirus scans will take less time to complete. Windows has built-in tools to remove junk files and defragment hard drives, which can help you to speed up your computer. But Windows doesn’t have a tool to help you manage duplicate files and organize your disk space usage. Fortunately, there are a lot of third-party applications that can find, manage, and delete duplicate files. Some of them are made to manage specific types of files, such as music or photos and other images. There are even applications to manage duplicate files created by iTunes! Other programs are designed to find and manage all types of files.

Disc WarningChoosing a good duplicate file finder can be tricky, because some programs can either miss copies or even worse – delete files that are not duplicates. This can happen when different files have similar names.

A lot of duplicate file finders only match files by name and date of creation, which means they can easily make a mistake. That’s why it’s always better to get a duplicate file finder that can match files by content. There are programs, such as Easy Duplicate File Finder, that use a special algorithm that compares files byte by byte to ensure that there can be no mistake.

Once you have the software, managing duplicate files is easy. Just launch the program and perform a scan to identify duplicate files. Then you will be able to review the list and select the duplicates you want to remove. The program will do the rest.

Managing duplicate files is a part of computer maintenance that is often overlooked. Nevertheless, it can help you free up a lot of disk space, speed up your computer, and organize your files and folders.