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Duplicate Google Drive Files Taking Up Too Much Space?

Use Easy Duplicate Finder’s super smart technology to identify and delete duplicate files, photos and more in Google Drive. Download today!

Find & Remove Google Drive Duplicate Files

The fast and easy solution to free up valuable space!

Have you ever wondered how many Google Drive duplicate files you have cluttering up precious storage space? In the past, finding duplicates on a Cloud-based service was really hard. You either had to download all the files to scan them with a duplicate finder or compare them manually online. But, not anymore!

Easy Duplicate Finder finds true duplicate files in Google Drive using smart technology that looks beyond the file name. Best of all, the app works in Cloud, so there’s no need to download any of your Google Drive files to your computer. Don’t spend hours trying to find and remove duplicate files in Google Drive. Free up space and save hours of headache with Easy Duplicate Finder.

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Benefits & Key Features

  • Identify Google Drive duplicates the smart and easy way
  • 100% Cloud-based solution for Drive - no need to download files to your computer
  • Removes duplicate photos, videos, Google Docs, Google Sheets and more
  • The app is extremely light on system resources and bandwidth
  • Frees up valuable Google Drive storage space
  • Easy Duplicate Finder works with a ton of other solutions, including almost any kind of duplicate file on your Mac or Windows computer
  • Work with other cloud-based solutions like Dropbox

Use Easy Duplicate File Finder to Remove Unwanted Duplicates in Google Drive!

How To Get Rid of Duplicate Files in Google Drive Forever

  1. Download Easy Duplicate Finder

    To get started, download Easy Duplicate Finder for Windows or Mac. Then, follow the steps to install it on your computer.

  2. Search for Duplicate Files

    Once you have the app launched, select “Google Drive” under “Scan Mode.” Then, log into your Google account, give Easy Duplicate Finder access. When access is granted, the program will start scanning your Google Drive file’s metadata to identify duplicates.

  3. Review Results & Delete Duplicate Files

    When the scan has finished, review the list of duplicate audio, video and document files identified as duplicates. You can preview the files, select which files you want to keep and seamlessly remove duplicates from Google Drive in just one click.

Get Rid of Google Drive Duplicate Files Forever

Find and remove duplicate files from Google Drive with Easy Duplicate Finder!