How It Works - Easy Duplicate Finder™

Learn how Easy Duplicate Finder can help you find and remove all duplicate files from your computer in just a few simple steps

  • Easy Duplicate Finder™ - Find Duplicate Files

    Run the Wizard

    Easy Duplicate Finder's Wizard will help you get started and choose the folders where you want to find duplicate files on the fly. The tool will ask you to specify the file types you want to check (like documents, videos, songs, or images), and then let you to choose the folders where you want EDF to search for the duplicates.

  • Easy Duplicate Finder™ - Remove Duplicates

    Perform a Scan

    Easy Duplicate Finder will scan your computer for duplicate files using the powerful SHA256 algorithm. This search method guarantees 100% accuracy without affecting scan speed. First, EDF will build a list of all the files located in the folders you want to scan. Then, it will compare their hashes and identify files that have the same hash. The app will then sort duplicate files into groups and display the scan results.

  • Easy Duplicate Finder™ - Remove Duplicates

    Remove Duplicates

    Removing duplicate files is really easy because EDF does everything to speed things up for you. Check the automatic selection or use bulk-selection options to choose the files to delete or move. When you're ready, click on the trash can button and all the duplicates will be deleted in one go.

  • Easy Duplicate Finder™ - Remove Duplicates

    Preview and Export List

    If you're keen to examine each and every file before you delete it, EDF makes it super-easy. In addition to the versatile bulk-selection options, Easy Duplicate Finder lets you preview files regardless of their format, export scan results for future use, switch the view between group view and list view, and lots more.

  • Easy Duplicate Finder™ - Remove Duplicates

    Move files

    Sometimes you may want to keep duplicate files as backups. EDF makes it easy because it lets you move files to any folder on your computer or connected external media. Just select the files you want to move, click on the list menu button, select the Move option and specify the destination folder. You'll be all set in no time.

  • Easy Duplicate Finder™ - Remove Duplicates

    Configure the Settings

    Easy Duplicate Finder has dozens of customizable settings and options to give you a truly personalized experience. Go to the Settings window and explore what EDF has to offer. Don't forget to check the Tools tab for some additional handy software tools - the SHA256 Calculator to calculate hashes for files you think are duplicates, and the Track Cleaner to delete invalid track references from iTunes.