Version History of Easy Duplicate Finder™

Current version: — 21-March-2019

  • Improved Music Scan
  • Added an admin mode indicator (Windows)
  • Added audio fingerprint support to the portable version
  • Performance enhancements
  • UI improvements
  • Bug fixes

Version: — 20-February-2019

  • Optimized duplicate selection menu
  • Improved Photos compatibility in Mac OS X Mojave
  • Added an option to remove zero-sized files when deleting empty folders
  • Improved registration
  • Performance enhancements
  • Bug fixes

Version: — 7-January-2019

  • Added the Windows Driver Storage Tool
  • Improved Music Scan: added the ability to compare songs by audio fingerprint
  • Improved the "Remove empty folders" option
  • Updated translations

Version: — 26-November-2018

  • Added ability to filter results by folder name
  • Improved Google Drive scan performance
  • Added Email Scan support to Mac OS X Mojave
  • Performance enhancements
  • Bug fixes

Version: — 22-October-2018

  • Improved network error handling in Google Drive and Dropbox scan modes
  • Improved compatibility with the latest version of Outlook for Mac
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes

Version: — 24-September-2018

  • Added Chinese translation
  • Added an option to keep folder structure in Google Drive and Dropbox
  • Improved Email and Contacts scan modes
  • UI enhancements
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes

Wersion: — 30-July-2018

  • Added Italian and Turkish translations
  • Made Contacts Scan 10x faster (Mac)
  • Added support for local Outlook folders in Outlook Email mode (Mac)
  • Improved Email Scan mode
  • UI enhancements
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes

Version: — 20-Jun-2018

  • Added French translation
  • Improved work with Google Drive
  • Performance enhancements
  • Bug fixes

Version: — 22-May-2018

  • Performance improvements
  • Improved Mac Photos compatibility
  • Bug fixes

Version: — 17-April-2018

  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes

Version: — 14-March-2018

  • New hash algorithm (SHA-256 instead of CRC32)
  • Added an option to create and load scan profiles
  • Added an option to save scan to Excel
  • Improved licensing
  • Improved compatibility with older Mac OS versions
  • Extended logging
  • Bug fixes

Version: — 25-January-2018

  • Added a new scan mode to find and delete empty folders
  • Improved Dropbox and Google Drive scan modes
  • Added an option to choose installation folder (Windows)
  • Added an option to view log messages in error popups
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes

Version: — 28-December-2017

  • Optimized all scan engines
  • Optimized deletion of large amounts of duplicates
  • Improved Outlook for Mac scan
  • Optimized Dropbox scan
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes

Version: — 27-November-2017

  • Improved Replace with Symbolic Link option
  • Improved logging
  • Added High Sierra support to Google Drive and Dropbox scan modes
  • Speed and performance improvements
  • UI improvements
  • Bug fixes

Version: — 18-October-2017

  • Added Outlook 2016 support
  • Updated the Preview panel
  • Multiple UI enhancements
  • Bug fixes

Version: — 11-September-2017

  • Added reverse selection to Folder Comparison mode
  • Added support for .M2TS files
  • Improved work with Photos (Mac)
  • UI enhancements
  • Bug fixes

Current Version: — 6-July-2017

  • EDF now supports DropBox API v2
  • Less memory consumption in group view mode
  • Improvements in Google Drive scan
  • Fixes and improvements

Version: — 7-April-2017

  • Improved Outlook Mail scanner
  • Improved and sped up Contacts Scan
  • Minor bug fixes

Version: — 2-Mar-2017

  • Added an option to switch between different results views (group view/table view)
  • Added Spanish translation
  • Fixes and improvements

Version: — 10-Feb-2017

  • Completely redesigned Step 3 for easier duplicates management
  • Performance improvements
  • Minor bug fixes

Version: — 16-Dec-2016

  • New intuitive design for the Step 3 screen
  • Added helpful tips and stats
  • Performance improvements

Current Version: — 9-Nov-2016

  • UI and performance improvements

Version: — 24-Oct-2016

  • New scan mode for Mac - Outlook contacts scan
  • Added support of Email scan on Mac OS Sierra
  • Fixed issue with installer on MAC OS Sierra
  • Fixed crashes
  • UI changes

Version: — 13-Sep-2016

  • Added Mac OS X Sierra support
  • Added Photos 2.0 support
  • UI and performance improvements

Version: — 31-August-2016

  • Added Email Scan Mode for Outlook for Mac
  • Added Japanese and Brazilian language support
  • Performance improvements and minor bug fixes

Version: — 10-August-2016

  • Licensing: improved compatibility with the upcoming Windows 10 update

Version: — 30-June-2016

  • Save scan feature
  • UI changes
  • Performance improved
  • Fixed crashes

Version: — 10-May-2016

  • UI changes
  • Fixes and improvements

Version: — 05-Feb-2016

  • Added Tips Mode
  • Added one-click setup
  • Added Master Select Mode to the "Scan mode" menu
  • Fixes and improvements

Version: — 05-Jan-2016

  • Added Google Drive scan mode
  • Updated in-app texts
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Version: — 12-Oct-2015

  • El Capitan support
  • Photos support
  • UI changes
  • Fixed issues with deleting PDF files with Preview enabled
  • Bug fixes

Version: — 28-Aug-2015

  • Windows 10 support
  • New EurekaLog

Version: — 20-Aug-2015

  • Windows 10 support
  • New EurekaLog

Version: — 25-Jul-2015

  • New user interface
  • Multiple UI improvements
  • Fixed - crashes from users

Version: — 12-Jun-2015

  • Multiple UI improvements
  • Fixed - iTunes: EDF cannot find dupliates after Undo in case files were played
  • Fixed - crashes from users
  • Updated installer

Version: — 27-May-2015

  • Added new user registration

Version: — 07-May-2015

  • New intuitive tabbed interface
  • Clearer results presentation
  • Improved overall speed and accuracy
  • And more...

Version: — 04-Mar-2015

  • Improved speed and stability
  • An option to rename all duplicates as the original
  • Bug fixes

Version: — 19-Dec-2014

  • important bug fixes

Current Version: — 9-Dec-2014

  • update languages
  • update setup process
  • yosemite support
  • important bug fixes

Version: — 21-Nov-2014

  • performance improvements
  • minor bug fixes

Version: — 23-Sep-2014

  • added an iTunes scan mode
  • added an option to keep songs with the highest bitrate
  • added an option to delete folders by pressing the Del key
  • added an offline Quick Start Guide
  • added an option to enable confirmation messages
  • performance improvements
  • minor bug fixes

Version: — 27-Jun-2014

  • 100% new interface
  • new three-step duplicate management
  • one-click duplicate removal
  • revamped Wizard
  • intuitive scan progress wheel
  • speed and functionality improvements

Version: — 25-Jan-2014

  • Crashing bug fixes
  • Performance improvement
  • Minor bug fixes

Version: — 24-Oct-2013

  • iTunes and iPhoto: a new and enhanced way to manage duplicates
  • Automatically saved list of duplicates after every scan
  • Improved auto-selection algorithm
  • An option to browse folders for moved files
  • Improved support for large drives
  • Minor bug fixes

Version: — 23-Jul-2013

  • Live preview for Mac OS
  • iPhoto synchronization
  • Multiple UI improvements
  • Updated the activation process
  • Scan speed increased
  • Other minor bug fixes

Version: — 08-Mar-2013

  • Multiple UI improvements
  • Added German translation
  • Added Live Preview feature for Mac OS X
  • Enhanced logging
  • Added "Permanent exclusions" feature
  • Added feature to clear all 'dead' links in iTunes
  • Added possibility to delete all files from one group
  • Added Deactivation feature, so now it's possible to deactivate EDF on old PC and activate it on a new one
  • Added Graphical view of scan results feature
  • Added OSX Mail support for Mac version
  • Added Grouping files into categories based on their type
  • Fixed activation issues
  • Scan speed increased
  • Added OSX Mail support for Mac version
  • Added Grouping files into categories based on their type
  • Other minor bug fixes

Version: — 05-Dec-2012

  • Update Live Preview
  • New feature to clear all 'dead' links in iTunes
  • Fix date format in settings
  • Changed view of statistic information
  • Minor fixes

Version: — 19-Oct-2012

  • Add MP4 to Video Files when scan with Wizard
  • Add possibility to create new folder when move duplicates
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Update installation
  • Issue with deleting a destination folder during the undo process is fixed.
  • Hotfixes

Version: — 18-Sep-2012

  • Speed up of Scanning process
  • Memory usage optimization
  • Preview of files duplicates
  • Grouping files into categories based on their type
  • Graphical view of scan results
  • Windows 8 support
  • Support of Mail databases on Mac OS
  • "Undo" feature: all actions with duplicates can be undone
  • Clipboard activation
  • Windows Media Library synchronization
  • Added option to select duplicates, which were created by "copy" procedures (ex.  "file.jpg", "file(1).jpg" and "file(copy1).jpg" )
  • GUI changes:

Version: — 1-Jun-2012

  1. The Resolve Duplicates Assistant can now help users decide what to do with detected duplicate files suggesting the best ways to remove them.
  2. New Scanning Engine: more speed, less resource consumption
  3. Duplicate List enhancements: Search and Filter are added to context Menu
  4. Supporting of Outlook Express emails and contacts
  5. Supporting of Outlook 2007-2010 contacts and emails
  6. iTunes library synchronization: Control libraries of media files in iTunes for Windows and MacOS
  7. Music duplicates search has been improved
  8. Symbolic link support for Win7/Vista and Mac OS X
  9. Multiple UI improvements

Archived Versions 1.0 – — May-2007 until 2011
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