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Version History of Easy Duplicate Finder™

Current version: — 14 June 2024

  • Monitor notification improvements
  • Added an option in Settings to Enable/Disable hardware acceleration (Windows only)
  • Bugfix: Folder comparison scan returns zero results in some cases
  • Bugfix: Error on application exit (MacOS only)

Version: — 5 June 2024

  • OneDrive scan: fixes and improvements.
  • Added support for MacOS Sonoma 14.5 + resolved compatibility issues.
  • UI improvements:
    • LivePreview
    • Clickable folder selection area
    • Added menu item "Register now" in the hamburger menu.
    • Added "Save scan" to the duplicate management menu.
    • Added a "Don't ask again" checkbox in the Logout popup.
    • Setting in UI to skip step 2.
  • EasyMode has been removed from the welcome screen and replaced with Easy profile loading.
  • Updated default ignore list for Windows.
  • EDF now detects and skips cloud-synced files during scan.
  • New "About" pop-up window
  • Updated translations, added new Slovenian and Polish translations.
  • New scanner core allows to use the full power of your computer during scan.

Version: — 9 November 2023

  • Added support for macOS Sonoma (14.1)
  • Outlook scan: added support for recent versions of MS Outlook
  • Mac music scan now supports Music app version 1.4 (Sonoma)
  • Google Drive scan improvements
  • Music scan improvements: silence at the beginning of audio track is skipped automatically
  • UI improvements
  • Updated translations
  • Minor bugfixes

Version: — 18 August 2023

  • Dark theme added
  • MacOS Ventura 13.15 support improvements
  • Exported scan can now be imported by double-click on *.edfscan file
  • Other minor bugfixes and UI improvements

Version: — 9 March 2023

  • New feature: File/Folder synchronization
  • EDF4Mac: added support for Ventura 13.2.1
  • EDF4Mac: added support for latest version of Outlook for Mac
  • Updated translations
  • Updated selection shortcuts:
    • Ctr+A: select all
    • Ctrl+N: select none
    • Ctrl+R: reverse selection
    • Ctrl+Click: select single
    • Shift+Click: select range
    • Ctrl+Shift+Click: unselect range

Version: — 5 January 2023

  • Added support for Ventura 13.0.1
  • New Mac Music scan mode added
  • Outlook4Mac scan mode bug fixes and improvements
  • Other minor bugfixes and UI improvements

Version: — 9 November 2022

  • A portable version of EDF for Windows is now available!
  • Now supports latest Mac OS Ventura release
  • New feature: sound notifications. In the program settings, users can choose which sounds to play at a particular scan step.
  • Music scan: better support for Monkey's audio (*.APE)
  • Google Drive scan: implemented new OAuth2 flow according to Google specs
  • Updated translations
  • Other minor bugfixes and UI improvements

Version: — 15 September 2022

  • Changes in registration popup
  • Added support for latest Mac OS releases
  • UI improvements

Version: — 30 August 2022

  • Step3 UI improvements (results list)
    1. symbolic links and NTFS hard links now are in different colors
    2. better column auto-width behavior
  • Window position and window size is saved on app shutdown and restored on app startup
  • Bugfix: application startup failure on MacOs
  • Support for upcoming release of Mac OS Ventura (now works with Ventura Beta 3)
  • Music scan: add support for new MO3 file format
  • Scan speed optimizations
  • Other minor bugfixes and improvements

Version: — 7 July 2022

  • A new feature added: Search for duplicates in ZIP archives (Available for only "SHA256 checksum + FileSize" scan mode). This option can be enabled in scan settings and allows EDF to look inside ZIP archives when searching for duplicates.

Version: — 22 April 2022

  • Mac Mail:
    1. added support for the latest Mac Mail version 16.0
    2. added support for scanning of local "On My Mac" folders
  • Google Drive: add support for direct web-link to external file in exported HTML (Dropbox: unfortunately this feature is not supported)
  • UI Step3: calculate and show total disk space taken by selected items
  • UI Step3: added bulk selection shortcuts (works when grid with results is active/focused): Select All (Ctrl+A), Select None (Ctrl+N), Reverse selection (Ctrl+R), select/unselect single (SPACE).
  • EDF for WINDOWS: Added a new option "Replace duplicates with NTFS hard links when possible" to the application Settings -> Scan Settings. When this option is turned ON and user chooses "Duplicate management -> Replace with symbolic links", EDF will try to use NTFS hard links instead of symbolic links. Hard links are more effective than symbolic links, and they don't require EDF to be running with administrator privileges. On the other hand, there are some restrictions:
    1. hard links are available only on NTFS volumes
    2. files being linked should be on the same volume (disk)

Version: — 6 April 2022

  • Added new OneDrive scan mode
  • Export results to HTML: added direct link to external file (currently supported for OneDrive only)
  • Added support for latest Mac OS update 12.3.1
  • Other minor UI bugfixes and improvements

Version: — 11 February 2022

  • Added support for Apple M1 platform
  • Added support for new audio file types and formats:
    1. Dolby Digital AC-3 (*.AC3)
    2. Musepack (*.MPC)
    3. The True Audio (*.TTA)
    4. Direct Stream Digital (*.DSD)
    5. WebM / Matroska (*.WEBM)
  • Improved support for Monkey's Audio (*.APE)
  • Minor UI bugfixes and improvements

Version: — 29 December 2021

  • Improved integration with Windows Explorer
  • Added integration with Mac Finder
  • Updated Quick Start Guide
  • Fixed application crash when OS exits hibernation state
  • Added a license renewal reminder pop-up

Version: — 26 November 2021

  • Scan speed improvements
  • Improved Windows 10/11 version detection
  • Added EDF Monitor (Windows only, read more)
  • Added ability to clear file information cache
  • Minor bugfixes

Version: — 14 October 2021

  • XMP tags detection improvements
  • Skipping XMP tags is now available in Music scan mode
  • Added new scan mode - "iTunes scan". (NOTE: iTunes scan available for Windows only, as there is no iTunes in Mac OS anymore. A support for Mac Music will be added in future versions.)
  • Minor bugfixes

Version: — 16 September 2021

  • Backward compatibility with MacOS High Sierra (MacMail v11.5)
  • Added support for Mac mail v15 (Monterey Beta 5)
  • LivePreview improvements for Windows
  • Update translations + fix some translation issues
  • Better compatibility with NAS (Network storage) devices
  • Better Windows 11 support (Version detection + Symbolic Links)
  • Minor bugfixes

Version: — 27 July 2021

  • Added support for Mac OS Monterey 12.0 Beta 2
  • Added support for Windows 11
  • Added new option "Ignore XMP data in compared files" in scan settings.
  • Fixed minor bugs

Version: — 7 July 2021

  • Added a "How to use" hint in Search/Filter dialog with usage examples.
  • Updated TMS FlexCell library (used for Excel export/import)
  • Installer file size reduced

Version: — 21 May 2021

  • EDF/Win Setup: Detect whether EDF is running and close it automatically
  • EDF/Mac Fix: Application fails to start after automatic update
  • Added Email input box into EDF activation window

Version: — 18 May 2021

  • Drag'n'Dropping a "My Computer" folder will add all drives into scan (Windows only)
  • Added "Empty Folders" scan mode
  • Added automatic UI language detection at first application startup
  • French translation bugfixes
  • Minor UI bugfixes

Version: — 21 April 2021

  • Fixed minor bugs

Version: — 23 February 2021

  • Added WDS (Windows Driver Storage) Cleaner Tool (Windows only)
  • Added SHA-256 calculator
  • Added new Dropbox scan which is based on the most recent Dropbox API (v2)
  • Dropbox scan/Google drive scan now uses external authentication via user's web-browser
  • Improved small display compatibility
  • New Activation popup
  • Fixed bugs

Version: — 20 January 2021

  • Mac mail scan improvements for Catalina and Big Sur
  • Updated Portuguese translations and added user manual
  • Added iTunes Dead Cleaner tool
  • EDF for Mac OS is now notarized by Apple and will run OK on latest Mac OS versions
  • EDF for Windows now supports DPI scaling and should look OK on all monitors
  • Various minor UI improvements

Version: — 22 December 2020

  • UI Revamp
  • New look of "Trial Exceeded" popup
  • New look of Balloon hints
  • Updated list of permanent exclusions (to make scan safer)
  • Updated translations
  • Filter categories: updated file types
  • Fixed: Loading a previously saved scan gives zero results

Version: — 24 November 2020

  • UI Revamp
  • Outlook scan mode improvements
  • Added some missing fonts into the application
  • Scan engine speed improvements
  • Better logging: application settings are automatically dumped into the log before each scan
  • Added support for Mac Mail version 14
  • Improved Mac OS Big Sur compatibility

Version: — 27 October 2020

  • New "Mac Mail" scan mode (supports Mac Mail version up to 13.0 - Catalina)
  • Added Full support for Automatic update feature in Mac OS
  • Export to Excel now works in Mac OS
  • Improved support for Outlook for Mac (previous versions failed to delete/move emails)
  • Outlook Mail scan improvements (both Mac and Windows)
  • Music Scan/Fingerprinting: added support for M4A/M4P file types
  • Now Compatible with the latest Mac OS Big Sur beta 10
  • Fixed: Byte-by-Byte scan could skip some duplicates from result list
  • Fixed: Blurry preview in Windows 10

Version: — 23 September 2020

  • Added new Google Drive scan mode.
  • Enhanced error handling and error stack logging (Windows only)
  • Minor bugfixes
  • Updated translations

Version: — 27 August 2020

  • Added Folder Comparison scan mode
  • Improved Outlook Mail mode
  • Updated translations

Version: — 13 August 2020

  • Added new Outlook Mail scan mode (up to Outlook 2019)
  • Updated translations

Version: — 29 July 2020

  • Updated translations
  • Bug fixes

Version: — 17 July 2020

  • UI revamped slightly
  • One-click Windows installer & Windows Explorer shell integration support
  • Added support for caching file hash information & new option in settings
  • Cancelling scan is now much faster
  • Improved logging
  • Updated translations

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  • OS: XP - 11
  • 32 bit or 64 bit
  • CPU: 400 MHz or higher
  • RAM: 128 MB or more
  • Hard Drive: 5 MB of free space


  • OS X 10.6 - Sonoma 14
  • 64-bit processor
  • A Mac with an Intel processor
  • RAM: 1GB of memory
  • Hard Drive: 64MB of free space

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