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Too many photos?

Find and remove duplicate photos and free up disk space today!

iPhoto Duplicate Finder

Find and delete duplicates in your iPhoto library

If you still use iPhoto to manage photos on your Mac, then you know how quickly it can become filled with duplicates. This usually happens when your library starts to grow, you lose track of the pictures you've imported and import them again.

Duplicate images not only make your iPhoto library disorganized, but they also slow down your Mac because they take up valuable disk space. That's why you should delete duplicate photos from iPhoto on a regular basis. You can either spend hours examining every single image in your iPhoto library, or you can download Easy Duplicate Finder and let it do all the hard work.

Easy Duplicate Finder will help you delete duplicate files from iPhoto without you having to look for duplicate images all over your drive. It will scan your iPhoto library for duplicates and display them as an easy-to-manage list. You can then preview the photos and delete the duplicates you don't need both from iPhoto and the folders they are located in.

To scan your iPhoto library, select the iPhoto Scan mode and run the scan. When the scan is finished, review the results, select the photos you'd like to delete and delete the duplicates in one click. Don't forget to take full advantage of the Preview feature to visually check the photos you are about to delete. And if you do delete anything by accident, use Easy Duplicate Finder's Undo feature to put your precious photos back.

iPhoto duplicate finder


  1. Organize your photo collection
  2. Quickly delete duplicate images from one place
  3. Synchronize your iPhoto and iTunes libraries
  4. Free up valuable disk space


  1. Find iPhoto duplicates regardless of their physical location
  2. Delete duplicate iPhoto images in one click
  3. Synchronize iPhoto after deleting the duplicates
  4. Organize your photo library

Try iPhoto Duplicate Finder Today

Try iPhoto duplicate finder today and remove all unneeded images from your iPhoto library and other folders on your Mac.