Delete Duplicate Contacts in Outlook the Easy Way

Delete Duplicate Contacts in Outlook the Easy Way
with the Outlook Contacts Scan in EDF!

Find and Remove Outlook Duplicate Emails the Easy Way

Duplicates in Outlook happen more often than most people think. One morning you open your Outlook email client and see dozens (if not hundreds) of duplicate emails and sometimes dozens of duplicate contacts. The duplicate emails all have the same subject, the same date and the same size. That's annoying at best and embarrassing if you discover tons of duplicates in your Sent box and realize that you've been flooding other people's mailboxes. Moreover, these useless copies slow down your email, eat up your mailbox quota, and may lead to more email problems. That's why it's so important to have a duplicate-free email client.

Remove Outlook Duplicate Emails Automatically

Easy Duplicate Finder has a special scan mode that can clean out annoying duplicate from your Outlook in a jiffy:

  1. Open EDF and select Outlook Mail (or Email Mode if you're using Outlook Express on an older Windows OS) from the scan modes drop-down menu.

    Outlook Mail

  2. You may want to go to Settings > Contacts and Emails and check the parameters Easy Duplicate Finder uses to compare your email messages.

    Email Settings

  3. Click in the INCLUDE window to add the Outlook folders you want to check for duplicate emails. Unlike other Outlook duplicate emails finder, EDF uses metadata to compare messages. This is a much safer approach and it saves you the trouble of finding PST and OST folders.

    Select Mailbox

  4. When you're ready, click on the Start Scan button to launch the search.

    Scanning Mailbox

  5. Wait for the scan to finish. You'll be presented with a summary. You can either remove all duplicates automatically by clicking on the Remove All Now link or go to Step 3 and examine the results

    Scan Mailbox Completed

  6. EDF groups duplicate emails and preselects the duplicates.

    Duplicate Emails

  7. Delete duplicate emails from Outlook using the trash can button or check out the list menu button for more options.

    Resolve Duplicate Emails

Delete Duplicate Emails Manually

If you don't feel like using software for sorting through your email to get rid of duplicate Outlook emails, you can manage mail manually. This may turn out to be very time-consuming, but that depends on the actual number of duplicate emails you have sitting in your Inbox and Sent box.

A good way to find the dupes is to sort your email by subject; this will help you find the messages with the same subject and timestamp. However, you should be extra careful because it's only too easy to delete emails that aren't duplicates - be sure to keep an eye on message size, too. Remember that true duplicate emails always have more than one matching parameter.

A cluttered mailbox is always a bother but it's a real pain in the neck if it's stuffed with duplicate emails. Doing some Outlook maintenance, fixing conflicting rules and using a duplicate finder that supports Microsoft Outlook will help you keep your accounts neat and organized.

So, how did all these Outlook duplicate emails happen? There are several most likely scenarios. Let's have a look at them, and then see how you can clean out the dupes and prevent duplicate emails from happening again.

Why You Are Getting Duplicate Emails

Receiving duplicate emails is a lot more common than you think especially if you're using a POP3 account with an email client like Microsoft Outlook. While Outlook appears to be a simple program, there are too many things that can go wrong. These include incorrect rules, faulty server settings, incorrect account setup, and more. Let's examine the most common reasons for Outlook duplicate emails.

Reason #1: The "Leave a copy of the message on the server" option is selected. This may sound like a good backup option but in reality, it may cause conflicts so that you receive and send each email twice. Try disabling this option in the settings and see if it fixes the problem:

  1. Open Outlook, go to Tools and click on Email Accounts
  2. Click on View or Change Existing Email Accounts and click on Next
  3. Select the email account that's causing problems and click Change
  4. Go to More Settings and select the Advanced tab
  5. Uncheck the Leave a copy of the message on the server option and click OK

Reason #2: You're using two POP3 profiles (aliases) for the same account. Basically, duplicate POP3 profiles are bound to create Outlook duplicate emails because each alias will receive the emails. Check your settings and do the following if you see two profiles:

  1. Open Outlook and go to Tools
  2. Open the Send/Receive Settings and then go to Define Send/Receive Groups
  3. Double-click a group to view accounts
  4. Click on one of the two accounts and uncheck the Receive mail items checkbox

You may also choose to remove the duplicate account completely to fix Outlook duplicate emails once and for all.

Reason #3: You have two instances of Outlook.exe running. Windows users may experience a problem when Outlook runs multiple instances of the .exe file. When that happens, each running instance sends and receives emails, and thus creates the duplicates. To tackle this problem, you'll need to open the Task Manager, go to the “Processes” tab, find the duplicate instances of outlook.exe and close them so that there's only one left running.

Reason #4: There are incorrect rules set up. If you've set up some Outlook rules and started receiving multiple copies of the same message, then you should check them carefully and correct whatever is necessary. Some rules can generate duplicates, so be careful when you're configuring them in the future. The same applies to forwarding rules.

Reason #5: You’re dealing with an unstable network. A slow and unstable Internet connection may trick your email client to download the same emails several times. If that happens, you'll simply have to remove duplicate emails. You can do it manually or use a program like Easy Duplicate Finder.

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