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Duplicate songs can slow down your rhythm

Has Your Mailbox Been Overrun with Duplicate Mail?

Get it under control with Easy Duplicate Finder, all at the touch of a button

Buscador de correos electrónicos duplicados

Delete Duplicate Emails & Organize Your Mailbox Today!

Do you find yourself wasting time searching through hundreds of duplicate emails? Is your mail client running slow?

Try Easy Duplicate Finder’s duplicate email finder to clear up your mailbox and keep everything running efficiently.

Duplicate emails not only clutter your mailbox but can also cause embarrassment when you start bombarding your co-workers and friends with identical or almost identical emails.

Easy Duplicate Finder works with email clients such as Microsoft Outlook and Mac Mail, helping you to easily eliminate duplicate emails. Your email client saves your emails and contacts to file, allowing EDF to scan the files and delete the duplicates. Its smart technology detects duplicates by swiftly and accurately checking email subjects, dates, recipients or senders, body sizes, and contents of the emails. This ensures you will not delete any important emails.

To enable Buscador de correos electrónicos duplicados, simply select the Email Mode in the Scan Mode drop-down menu. This will activate Easy Duplicate Finder's email search algorithm. Add your email folders to the scan area and start the scan. Once the scan is complete, you will be able to review the results and select the duplicate emails you wish to delete. Selecting them is as easy as clicking on the pencil icon and choosing the bulk selection option that works best. Then click on the bin icon button and remove duplicate emails in one go. It’s as easy as that!

Duplicate email finder


  1. Organize your emails & contacts
  2. Ahorre espacio de almacenamiento de correo
  3. Minimice el tiempo necesario para las búsquedas por correo electrónico.
  4. Recupere espacio en disco


  1. Compara correos electrónicos por asunto, remitente/destinatario, fecha, tamaño del cuerpo y contenido
  2. Incluye subcarpetas en la búsqueda
  3. Opciones flexibles de administración de correo electrónico duplicado
  4. Amplia funcionalidad de informes

Duplicate Emails Not Sparking Joy?

Try Easy Duplicate Finder now and clean up your mailbox.