Easy Duplicate Finder Features

Delete duplicate files and free up disk space in a snap

Is your computer cluttered with duplicate files? Easy Duplicate Finder is a powerful duplicate finder for Windows and Mac. It will help you get rid of all duplicates in three simple steps.

  • Find Duplicate Files on Your PC

    An average computer has hundreds of duplicate files. Even if you think your PC is OK, a quick scan with Easy Duplicate Finder will reveal a lot of useless file copies that are hogging your computer. Easy Duplicate Finder will help you delete duplicate files and recover valuable disk space in no time.

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  • Duplicate File Finder for Mac

    Find duplicate files on your Mac the easy way. Easy Duplicate Finder for Mac combines a sleek native interface with powerful tools for finding and managing duplicate files. The app seamlessly integrates with iTunes, Photos and iPhoto, so that you can manage your libraries in just a couple of clicks.

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  • Duplicate Photo Finder

    Duplicate photos take up a lot of disk space and mess up your albums. Easy Duplicate Finder will clean up your photo albums using advanced file comparison methods that guarantee 100% accuracy. With Easy Duplicate Finder your photos will always be organized.

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  • Duplicate Music Finder

    Find and delete duplicate music files quickly and easily. Easy Duplicate Finder is the fastest tool for finding and deleting duplicate songs from your music library, iTunes and Windows Media Player. You can find duplicate songs by content and by ID tags info as well as preview the results before you delete any tracks.

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  • Duplicate Video Finder

    Duplicate videos take up gigabytes of disk space. Easy Duplicate Finder will help you find and move or delete duplicate videos in just a few clicks. You'll be amazed by the amount of space you can free up by deleting duplicate movies and video files with Easy Duplicate Finder.

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  • Duplicate Email Finder

    Don't let your Outlook or Mac Mail client become cluttered with duplicate emails & contacts. These duplicates make managing your mailbox a nightmare and can cause huge embarrassments if you reply to the same email more than once. Easy Duplicate Finder will help you keep your mailboxes clean.

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  • Google Drive Duplicate Finder

    Have you ever wondered how many duplicate files you have on your Google Drive? In the past finding duplicates on a Cloud-based service was really difficult, but not anymore. With Easy Duplicate Finder you can delete duplicate files from Google Drive without downloading any files to your computer.

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  • Find Duplicate Files in Dropbox

    If you have a free Dropbox account, you know how quickly the 2GB get filled up. When that happens, you have three choices: to delete some files, to upgrade to a paid plan or to delete duplicate files from Dropbox. The third option is by far the safest and the most cost effective one.

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  • Compare Folders & Find Duplicate Files

    Do you sometimes wish you could compare files in two or more folders, find the duplicates and then delete them from target folders without touching the originals? Ordinary duplicate finders mix the files in the search results and make it very hard for you to quickly check a specific folder for duplicates. They also make it impossible to prepare several folders for merging. Luckily, Easy Duplicate Finder is different.

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  • Advanced Options

    Easy Duplicate Finder has lots of advanced options for fast, accurate and secure duplicate files management. Preview duplicates before you delete them, undo accidental deletions, save scan results for later use, and compare files by content. You can also sync your iTunes, Photos, iPhoto and Windows Media libraries to control duplicates on all your devices.

Why Choose Easy Duplicate Finder?

When it comes to choosing the best product at the best value, we know you have several choices. But no other product is more accurate or more reliable than Easy Duplicate Finder. It has all the features you may ever need and it's amazingly easy to use.