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Step 4. How to Manage Duplicate Files

Help -> Step 3. Manage Duplicate Files

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The best and safest way to mark duplicate files (with ability to restore them) is to rename them with prefix/postfix. See "Rename duplicates" below.

Select Duplicate Files

Mark copies of files which will be moved, renamed or deleted.

List of duplicates
You can mark files manually or use following functions from the contextual menu:

  1. Select all duplicates in this folder
    e.g. if you've compared 2 folders and now want to delete duplicates from the second folder then just use this function to select required files.
    Comment: the previous selected files remains still selected after using of this function.

  2. Select all dupicates in the selected branch of subdirectories
    Similar to previous option but applicable to the branch of subdirectories.

  3. Leave only oldest version in each Dup.Group
    Selects all files except the oldest ones in each Dup.Group (based on the file modification time)

  4. Leave only newest version in each Dup.Group
    Selects all files except the latest ones in each Dup.Group (based on the file modification time)

Manage Duplicate Files

Move, Rename or Delete Duplicates

There are 3 kinds of operations with duplicate files available in Easy Duplicate Finder™:

  1. Delete duplicates
    You can delete duplicates permanently or move them to Recycle Bin.

  2. Rename duplicates
    This function allows to rename duplicate files by adding specified prefix or postfix to file names.

  3. Move duplicates to folder
"Move Duplicates to Folder" dialog:

Move duplicates to folder

"Rename Duplicates" dialog:

Rename duplicates with prefix or postfix

"Delete Duplicates" dialog:

Delete duplicates

Choose the way to remove duplicates.

The output list includes both original files and duplicates!
You need to be careful when you delete or move files.

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